Wednesday, April 13, 2016

5 Steps To Empower Yourself With Magic

13852888945_ac807901c7_zWhen I speak of magic, I am talking about an inner belief that you have about yourself or on something. I am not talking about reincarnation, rebirth or any paranormal thinking. Embarking on a magical journey involves getting more connected with yourself and having faith in you. When you become more magical and develop more awareness and learn to love yourself, it instantly brings back good results to you and your life. It also gives you confidence to achieve goals and dreams that you never thought possible. By starting your magical growth journey, you will find that your world will become known to you in a different perspective. Your health will become better, your relationships more fulfilling and loving, and your career will flourish.

There are 5 specific steps that you can follow to gain some magical insight and awareness. They are:

  1. Learn to love yourself.
  2. Let the light in and spread it to others.
  3. Allow yourself to take advantage of your imagination.
  4. Allow abundance, good, and love in your life.
  5. Communicate thoughtfully from your soul

1. The most important and first thing to learn is to love yourself. Get to know yourself and love everything about you. Learn to love even your negative traits and imperfections. You must care enough about yourself and love all of you. This is the first step in a magical journey, one which help you to empower yourself to higher places.

2. Let the light in. Each day when you wake up, decide that it will be a wonderful day and there is potential for great things to come your way. Show your light to other people and soon it will pass on to them. Have you ever meet someone that seemed rude and unhappy? Did you ever try to show them optimism, kindness, and gentleness? It works! Try it when you encounter someone who is disgruntled about something. It seems natural for us to try to defend ourselves or act the same way back to the person, but it will not help matters. Spread the light and good energy. It can’t help but continue coming back to you. Have you heard someone described as “lighting up the room when she enters it”? Be that person.

3. Allow yourself to use your imagination. Imagination is where your desires and dreams begin. Imagine what you want, even when it seems unattainable or unrealistic. Comprehend that it is a truth of the universe that you develop your own reality. Settle for less than you want? Create the reality you want and deserve by imagining what your dreams are. Create the vision that you want. It may not happen or unfold as you think, but eventually if you keep believing your dream, it will become a reality.

4. Allow the abundance, good, and love to embrace you. Believe that you deserve all that you have to offer. Give abundance out to the universe. As you start to send abundance, good, love, and deeds to others, you in turn will begin to receive those things. Allow others to be who they are, and in turn you will be who you are without judgment or criticism from others. Situations will arise in your life to help you grow and may present challenges to you. This is a part of becoming who you are. Don’t let these events detour you. View them as a part of growing spiritually and emotionally.

5. Communicate from your soul. Understand that your emotions and thoughts affect others, so do your best to communicate from your soul. Honesty and vulnerability matter and will help attract good things to you as you share.

Continue to empower yourself by implementing these steps into your life and watch how magic comes into your life, affecting you and others in a positive way.


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