Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Child Might Be Psychic: What Do I Do?

If you’re a parent and you think your child might be psychic, first of all I want to assure you that this is a good thing.  We all have innate intuitive abilities, but some are more in tune with the other side than others. Your child may just be such a case.6070091455_328bcdd7ee_z

Some parents who think that their child may be psychic get afraid and pressure their children to shy away from cultivating their gift or they make them feel like they are somehow bad for having the ability in the first place.  Being psychic simply means that someone has a sixth sense when it comes to connecting to information from the spiritual dimension. One may be able to see or talk to spirits, get information that most people cannot attain, or predict when something may happen. It’s nothing to be afraid of and if you think your child is psychic, here are some great tips for you moving forward.

  1. Be open-minded

Let your child know that he or she is perfectly normal and amazing just as he is. Having the ability to tap into spiritual dimensions shouldn’t be frightening, but rather exciting. You’ll find as you read up on psychics and their abilities that being a psychic is not as scary as some make it out to be. Let your child know that you are willing to openly discuss this topic and support him or her however you can.

  1. Encourage him or her to cultivate the gift

Children tend to be more in tune and open to the spiritual world over adults. Everyone has some intuition, but most people never tap into it. If you believe your child is psychic, encourage him or her to cultivate the gift. You may even want to contact a reputable psychic that can give you and your child some advice and tips. You can even participate in games with your child that will help his ability, such as holding up flashcards and letting him guess at what it is. This can help him to tune in and get better at tapping into his psychic ability.

  1. Encourage honest communication

Tell your child that you’d love to have open and honest discussions about what he or she may want to discuss. It’s important for your child to feel normal and free to be himself. Maybe he has fears associated with his physic ability. If so, encourage him to discuss this with you, as well as any questions he may have. There is a vast amount of free information online about psychic abilities and how to cultivate and use them. You may even want to encourage him to start journaling his thoughts and experiences, as this oftentimes helps children sort things out.

  1. Have fun

Don’t make your child’s life all about his or her psychic abilities. Just have fun. Let him be a kid and play. If he feels pressure to “perform” or if you start looking at him to give you certain information or predictions, it may become stressful. Let your child be a child and have some fun.

Some children have psychic abilities and your child may be one. If so, this is wonderful news and worthy of celebration. Help him or her to embrace the gift and enjoy the journey of cultivating and harnessing it. After all, life is about the joy in the journey; not some sort of destination.


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