Friday, February 12, 2016

What is Telekinesis?

If you’re interested in the world of psychics, you may have heard terms like pyrokinesis, which means starting fire with your mind, or precognition, which means predicting the future. You may have also heard about telekinesis, or the power of moving objects simply by your mind. Sounds fascinating, huh? Yes, supernatural phenomena are definitely interesting topics to learn about.

17059175390_a35cd9c7dc_zIs telekinesis real?

Some people discount telekinesis as real, but ever since the 1800’s there are those that believe that it is indeed a real thing. In fact, it was during that time that psychic mediums began observing this phenomenon when they were having séances, as objects would sometimes move all by themselves. In fact, it has been recorded that some objects or tables would levitate, which frightened plenty of people.

Many believe that the psychic mediums were tricksters and that it was all a hoax. The topic faded from talk until J.B. Rhine started doing some experiments in the 1940’s using dice and seeing if thought influenced the roll. His results were mixed.  Then, Uri Geller came onto the scene and became a very well-known psychic, traveling all around the world showing his psychokinetic skills. Still, skeptics were around and there was talk of trickery in his work as well.

Does mind have a role over matter?

Our thoughts and mental energy are powerful, but do they really have the power to change our reality or our environment? There are still plenty of skeptics out there, but there are others who continue to research and play around with telekinesis.  Organizations like the Global Consciousness Project are continually doing research on how the mind can influence matter.  Though they’re not proving anything 100% yet, they have made some wonderful progress indicating that thoughts and intent are more powerful than most people think.

If you’re interested in telekinesis, do some research in the field and begin practicing yourself.  You can harness the power of your mind much more than you might think. You may not be having objects levitate anytime soon, but your thoughts and intent may have more power than you think. Even though some of the past men and women who used trickery sort of gave telekinesis is a bad rap, there are still plenty of men and women who take the field seriously and are taking the time to research and experiment. It’s only a matter of time, as global consciousness rises, that we’ll see an increase in those manifesting matter from the power of the mind.


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